Optimizing workplace systems to generate amazing insights for your Hybrid Workplace.

As companies approach their post-pandemic workplace, they are rethinking the ways they use space on a greater scale. 

We heavily invest in research to optimize systems, data integration and meaningful insights. 

We don't make sensor hardware and we don't develop spatial analytics SaaS.

We make them better. 

We are a workplace data insights company that brings disparate data sources together through an integration of ecosystems. We've spent years developing a reference architecture and unique approach to spatial analytics which includes

Space Planning

Workplace Management

Track space inventory, space layouts, workplace occupancy and vacancy


Space Planning

Consolidate space, explore alternative space plans across multiple office scenarios. Stack plan or reshuffle floors or buildings with ease.

CRE Portfolio Management

Track, evaluate and manage your company’s real estate across the globe.


Hoteling & Desk Reservations

Remote, or agile workforce, when employees need to access the office, they need an easy way to find and book their own space.


Wayfinding & Navigation

Easily navigate to rooms, desks, and people with kiosk displays at every entrance.

People Directory & Search

Find the team members and how to get in touch with them easily from your phone or web browser.


Workplace Utilization 

Identify underutilized or congested space and adjust it for better use.


Workplace Optimization

Right size your portfolio based on actual utilization data, expected demand and target seating ratios.

Smart Office

Leverage real-time location services and help employees find each other based on their current location.

We deliver human-centric impact from your global multi-vendor workplace technology ecosystem



understand not just how people intend to use space, but how they actually use space



inform workplace design to reflect ways of working and optimized project succee



know where, when and how to optimize your portfolio



evolve workplace design to reflect both the expectations and needs of your teams

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