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Cognitive Corp. is a workplace optimization consultancy designed for the IoT Age. Founded in 2012 as a business unit of OnStream LLC. in 2019 Cognitive transitioned into a global corporation. Working closely with our strategic partners and taking advantage of virtual capabilities, the firm has expanded work force to include subject matter expertise in IoT data driven insights, strategic alignment for IoT systems,  project management, technology platform optimization and migration as well as outsourced operations and support. 

Cognitive works closely with our strategic partner OnStream to provide principals that are experienced professionals, each with over 20 years of industry experience, expertise, and reputation.  Our agile approach to staffing and delivery starts with expert consulting teams, drawing on relationships with years of successful project involvement directly related to your projects.

Drawing on experience with a wide array of technologies across a vast span of disciplines, we understand what’s important to an organization and how companies can use IoT technology to achieve what’s best for them. We represent our clients’ interests enthusiastically, and we don’t shy away from hard truths. 

We thrive on the challenge of helping our clients achieve their workplace optimization goals, and appreciate any opportunity to discuss how we can help you realize yours.

Thank you for considering Cognitive Corp!

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