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Solutions for humans being

Paper Abstract

Technology Enabled Human-Centric Optimization 

Meaningful Impact

Purple Sky

Informed by recent research and decades of experience, for you....

Workplace Experience Director


Near real time occupant insights


A|B comparisons


Technology to support Outcomes Based Workplace

Digital / Physical workplace optimization

Health and Wellbeing   optimization 

Meaningful KPI insights

Head of Facility


Extend analytics into workplace


Enhanced alignment with workplace design initiatives


Enhanced ROI on ‘Smart building’ systems


Cognitive AE Index for procurement


Head of IT/AV

Technology utilization and ROI

QoS Insights

Support of workplace optimization 

Greater alignment with Workplace Experience Director

PMO Staff Augmentation

AE Firm Principal


Data driven Insights to inform design

Client SD and Narrative Creation


Pilot Efficacy

Modal work insight

Utilization and Occupancy insights

Technology adoption insights

Agile tenant fit-out systems design 

Building Owner Operator


Improved Tenant experience

Smarter human-centric building 


Increased tenant retention

Insights into portfolio optimization

Blue Skies

Cognitive solutions are integrated and optimized for maximum efficacy within our ecosystem of partners:

Verum Consulting

Corporate Real Estate, Facilities Management, and Workplace Consulting

Solutions: Remote Work Index, PMO optimization, CRE Analytics

Oxygen Plus

Creating highly efficient and effective Leaders and PMO Teams. Optimizing Trust, Conflict Management, and Productivity

Solutions: PMO Optimization

Scribcor Global 

Real estate and equipment lease administration services including: lease abstraction, database maintenance, rent processing and payment, lease audit, and lease accounting support.   

Solutions: IWMS, Utility Optimization, NetZero Insights


Improving business by providing visibility to key information through organization of data, people, and business systems.

Solutions: Enterprise IT, Advisory Services, NetZero for CRE 

Thought Leadership

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Proud to be a sponsor of these industry-leading innovators:

CWX Blockchain Project
The AI Innovators Collective
IFMA Technology
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