Today's workplace challenges are far more than just a policy issue. It’s a core business challenge for leaders across CRE, HR, operations and the core business functions, working together with the CIO and CFO.  Its time for CRE led technology optimization. 

Our services are informed by recent research and decades of experience, for you....

Ensuring a continuous state of workplace optimization requires a broad approach encompassing facility, corporate real estate, technology, operations, corporate security, and data driven insights from IoT, AV and IT systems. The complete organization needs a cohesive vision and roadmap.  Cognitive services cover inception trough commissioning. 

Cost Reduction

Cut cost by shedding underperforming real estate and leases.


Get the most essential people back into the office to drive business performance and innovation.

Making Do

Develop a clear policy about who can work from home and under what conditions. 

Outcomes Based Workplace

Capital investments to improve experiential workplace start to come on-line en masse. 

Covid 19

Covid-19 Response Milestones

Data Driven Predictions

Solutions for Outcome Based  Workplace

Workplace Experience Director

Near real time occupant insights


A|B comparisons


Tech to support OBW

Digital / Physical workplace connections

Health and Wellness optimization with Biodigitry

Head of Facility

Extend analytics into workplace


Enhanced alignment with workplace design initiatives


Enhanced ROI on ‘Smart building’ systems


Cognitive AE Index for procurement


Head of IT/AV

Tech utilization and ROI


Support of workplace optimization 

Greater alignment with Workplace Experience Director

AE Firm Principal

Data driven Insights to inform design

Cognitive AE Index


Pilot Efficacy

Modal work insight

Utilization and Occupancy insights

Technology adoption insights

Agile tenant fit-out systems design 

Building Owner Operator

Improved Tenant experience

Smarter human-centric building 


Increased tenant retention

Insights into portfolio optimization

Why Cognitive?

Accelerate Optimization

With data driven insights, strategy alignment and policy and procedure development your, CRE initiatives can be common initiatives across Facility, IT, HR and CSO. 

Improve ROI

With an optimized workplace portfolio, one that is bespoke to your needs and optimizes employee experience, one that encompasses people, place, technology, ease of use and wellness.

Cognitive Focus

Cognitive is a trusted advisor used by Fortune 500 firms for their most important cross functional initiatives. We consistently provide vision, planning, design and oversight across a full spectrum of strategic objectives, technologies and tactical projects focused exclusively on workplace optimization. 

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