Providing clarity for your workplace utilization and occupant experience (WX)

Cognitive WX Services

Cognitive Corp. is a workplace optimization consultancy designed for the IoT Age. Drawing on experience with a wide array of technologies across a vast span of disciplines, we understand what’s important to an organization and how companies can use data driven insights to achieve real results. 

Space Utilization Analytics

Corporate real estate (CRE) metrics have traditionally focused on cost and efficiency. Yet an organization’s most valuable resource is its people. 


We provide clarity and tactical assistance to shift from space-centric metrics to human-centric metrics

Distributed Work

Remote working will impact workplace strategy. We provide alignment, analytics and insights to ensure you have optimized solutions, implementations while supporting a true sense of connectedness.  

Autonomous Workplace

It is more crucial than ever to leverage the power of technology to ensure health and safety in the workplace. We assist CRE teams to truly leverage the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and the internet of things (IoT) to support new work models and facility adaptation. 

Few clients require services that exist solely within a single line of service, and as we work with you to craft a bespoke engagement that meets your needs, we bring real world experience in every service line.

WX Assessments

WX Strategy Optimization

Technology System Optimization

Program & Project Management

CRE executives rely upon Cognitive Consultants to make the most appropriate product and solution recommendations for their WX optimization strategies ensuring a fit for purpose, future-proofed platform for the challenges of today’s business environment. 

Our expert services include:

  1. Product Recommendations 

  2. Change Management

  3. Roadmap Planning

What is WX ?

WX is a way of understanding how people, technology and spaces interact to impact the lives of an organization’s employees. By better understanding WX, we can design, pilot, and scale new workplace experiences to help people be efficient, effective and happy in their work. It’s at this intersection of interpersonal, technological and spatial design that organizations can help their employees make a life, not just a living.

Why Cognitive WX Services?

Accelerate WX Optimization

With data driven insights, strategy alignment and policy and procedure development for Cognitive Analytics your WX initiatives can be common initiatives across Facility, IT, HR and CSO. 

Improve ROI

With an optimized workplace portfolio, one that is bespoke to your needs and optimizes employee experience, one that encompasses people, place, technology, ease of use and wellness.

Cognitive Focus

Cognitive is a trusted advisor used by Fortune 500 firms for their most important cross functional initiatives. We consistently provide vision, planning, design and oversight across a full spectrum of strategic objectives, technologies and tactical projects focused exclusively on WX optimization. 

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